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Low Ropes Course

This activity was designed and built to develop team building skills, while it can be used by an individual its primary purpose is for use by a group.

To reduce the risk of injury and accident the following instructions should be adhered to when the activity is being used.

  • The activity must be supervised by an adult (responsible person).
  • Only “ONE PERSON‘’ should be on any one stunt at a time.
  • Only start a stunt when the previous user has exited the stunt.
  • Others should not interfere with the person using a stunt.
  • If the user is concerned about their safety they should not use the stunt.
  • If for any reason the supervisor is concerned about the safety of a person about to use a stunt, the supervisor should not allow that person to participate.
  • Should a fault be found (frayed rope, broken bolt etc) with an individual stunt, it should not be used and reported immediately to the Camp Ranger.